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Antenne Witten

Christian Lukas. That's me. I'm a journalist and author of many books about popular tv-shows, movies, actors ... Most of these books are inofficial, you know - "The inofficial companion about your favorite show on telly".
From 1996 until December 2011 I was also a staff member of "Space View" - Germany's finest magazine for entertainment in mystery, horror and sci-fi! So you won't be surprised that most of my books are about mystery- and horror-shows like "Buffy", "Stargate SG-1" or "The X-Files". With my friend and collegue Sascha Westphal I also wrote a book about teenhorror, which became very popular for genre-fans.

We both, Sascha and me, went on dangerous ground in 2004 when we left the world of mystery to write about the show "Sex and the City". That was totally new for us - and surprisingly successful.

In 2006 our unofficial companion was published in Russia, the unofficial book we wrote about "Desperate Housewives"  found its readers in Hungary. Its title there: "Született Feleségek" (1 and 2). 

Since May 2012 I am also staff-member of the new scifi-magazine Geek! One of my most ambitious books is about the mystery-thriller “Angelus” by Danielle Trussoni. If you don’t know „Angelus“ – you may watch the following trailer.

"Angelus entschluesselt" offers lots of background informations about the history of the angel’s faith, about the Bible passages and the non-biblical writings cited by the author.   

 Furthermore I am an author of pulp novels and in November 2013 - my first Ebook has been published: It is about the wonderful actor Benedict Cumberbatch. To write about his work was a pleasure for me (did I mention, that I am a Fan of Sherlock Holmes...?).

Sascha Westphal (left) and me during a radio-interview.

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